Street Race 1 is the 20th Gold Event in Cars Race-O-Rama.

The RaceEdit

It's the first race in Motoropolis City. You're racing 5 laps as Lightning McQueen against Flo, Ramone, Doc Hudson Student 1, Chick Hicks Student 1, and 3 VINs. On the PlayStation 2, the only racers are 1 VIN, Chick Hicks Student 1, and Doc Hudson Student 1. Place in the top 3 to unlock the next Gold Event.

For some reason, the instructions show up a few seconds after the race is done loading instead of right away. This makes the announcer say his phrase right away.


  • It is quite a mystery why this is called Street Race 1, because there is no Street Race 2.
  • This is the last race where any of Chick's students appear (only one appears). It is possible that they were all turned into VINs.

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