Street McQueen



Top speed

190 mph
301 km/h

Paint jobs

Boost time

5 seconds (use up)
8 seconds (refill)




Ramone, Flo, Doc Hudson Student 1, Doc Hudson Student 2, Doc Hudson Student 3, Doc Hudson Student 4, Stinger


Chick Hicks, Stinger (former), VINs, Chick Hicks Student 1, Chick Hicks Student 2, Chick Hicks Student 3, Chick Hicks Student 4

Voiced by

Keith Ferguson

Street McQueen is a modified version of Lightning McQueen in Cars: Race-O-Rama.


For the Motoropolis round in the Race-O-Rama Series, Lightning decides to get modified into a street racer. Like with his beach racing and off-road racing modifications, they prove to work as he is able to beat Stinger.


  • Street McQueen is the only character in the game whose top speed is 190 mph. All the other characters have different top speeds.

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