Off Road McQueen


Circuit Races, Relay Races, Mini Games (Auto Crosses only), Missions and Rust Bucket Derby

Top speed

180 mph
286 km/h

Paint jobs

Boost time

10 seconds (use up)
19 seconds (refill)




Mater, El Machismo, Sarge, Doc Hudson Student 1, Doc Hudson Student 2, Doc Hudson Student 3, Doc Hudson Student 4


Chick Hicks, El Machismo (former), VINs, Chick Hicks Student 1, Chick Hicks Student 2, Chick Hicks Student 3, Chick Hicks Student 4

Voiced by

Keith Ferguson

Off-Road McQueen is a version of Lightning McQueen that is unlocked when the player unlocks Autovia. He has a light on his roof, and perfect for off-road racing.


After being trained by Sarge for the Autovia round in the Race-O-Rama Series, Lightning decides to modify himself again, this time into an off-road racer. In the final race, he races against El Machismo, another off-road racer who is one of Chick's proteges. Like with Candice, Lightning is able to win the race, much to El Machismo's disappointment.


  • This is the only form of Lightning McQueen with its headlights on at night.


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