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Missions is an event type in Cars: Race-O-Rama.


Missions have the players try to get from one location on the map to another in under a time limit.

Photo OpsEdit

In Photo Ops, players are placed somewhere on the map. Somewhere else on the map is the photo location where a group of cars, including Mia and Tia and a couple of Camera Cars, are waiting at a big yellow circle. The goal is to get to there and jump through through the circle before time runs out. Then, while in the air, they are given control of the camera and get to take a picture of the car.


In Transporters, players are also placed somewhere on the map and they have to bring an object to another car who is somewhere else on the map under a time limit.


Name Location
Photo Op 1 Radiator Springs Speedway
Photo Op 2 Radiator Springs
Photo Op 3 Santa Carburera
Photo Op 4 Radiator Springs
Photo Op 5 Autovia
Photo Op 6 Ornament Valley
Photo Op 7 Motoropolis
Photo Op 8 Tailfin Pass
Transporter 1 Radiator Springs
Transporter 2 Tailfin Pass
Transporter 3 Ornament Valley

Playable CharactersEdit

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