Doc Hudson's Students
Doc Hudson Racing Academy


Circuit Races, Relay Races, Mini Games (Auto Crosses only) and Missions

Top speed

180 mph
286 km/h

Paint jobs


Boost time




Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Candice, El Machismo, Stinger


Chick Hicks, Chick Hicks' Students, Candice (former), El Machismo (former), Stinger (former)

Voiced by

Chris Edgerley
Joe Smith

Doc Hudson's Students are characters in Cars: Race-O-Rama.


Doc Hudson's Students are all young racing cars aspiring to racers. They all have the same model but with different modifications and paint jobs. They race alongside Lightning McQueen, learning different techniques and movements for racing.


Doc Hudson's Students all share the same model, which is also shared with Chick Hicks' Students, but they each have different paint jobs and modifications. Student 1 has one stripe going down the center and a small spoiler, Student 2 has three stripes on each side, one white, one gray and one black, and a big black spoiler, Student 3 has white on the top and bottom and Student 4 has a decal on each side which resemble scratches. These are also shared with each of their Chick Student counterparts, except Doc's Students are blue instead of green, like Doc.


Circuit RacesEdit

Circuit Races Student 1 Student 2 Student 3
Academy Challenge 1 Yes Yes1 Yes1
Academy Challenge 2 Yes1 Yes1 Yes
Academy Challenge 3 Yes1 Yes1
Academy Challenge 4 Yes Yes1 Yes1
Off Road Race 2 Yes Yes1
Point to Point 2 Yes1
Point to Point 3 Yes
Point to Point 5 Yes1
Road Race 2 Yes Yes1
Sprint 1 Yes Yes1 Yes1
Street Race 1 Yes
Hudson Student Run Yes Yes1 Yes1
Candice's Glam Tour Yes1 Yes1
1 = Not on the PlayStation 2 version

Relay RacesEdit

Relay Races Student 1 Student 2 Student 3
Relay Race 1 Team 2, Lap 1 Team 2, Lap 2
Relay Race 2 Player's Team, Lap 1 Team 2, Lap 11 Team 2, Lap 21
1 = Not on the PlayStation 2 version


  • Doc Student 4 does not appear in any races. Since he is not playable on the PlayStation 2 version, he does not appear at all.


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