Candice's Glam Tour is the 10th Gold Event in Cars Race-O-Rama.


(The cut-scene starts with a view of Santa Carburera. Then the camera comes down to the starting line, where Chick Hicks and a friend of his are coming to Lightning McQueen and Flo. A lot of parasites were taking pictures of the other car.)
Chick Hicks: "Better get used to those flash bulbs, Lightning. This is Candice's world, and we're just living in it."
Parasite #1: "We love you, Candice."
Parasite #2: "Candice! Over here!"
Lightning McQueen: "I thought I had a paparazzi problem. Sheesh!"
Candice: "Lightning, the only problem you'll have is beating me on my home track."


The RaceEdit

In this race, you're racing 3 laps around Santa Carburera as Lightning McQueen. On the PlayStation 2, your opponents are Candice, Flo, and Chick Hicks Student 1. On the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, your opponents are Candice, Flo, members 1, 2, and 3 of the Chick Hicks Racing Academy, and members 1 and 2 of the Doc Hudson Racing Academy. The object of the game is to place in the top 3 and before Candice.


(After Candice loses the race, she comes to her trailer.)
Candice: "No, no, no, no! cross morris promised that I'd never lose! I'm calling him right now." (She went to her trailer to call her cross.) "Daddy. I want new tires, new paint, new . . . everything, and I want it NOW!"
Candice's cross: "Whatever you want, sweetie. I'll make the usual arrangements."
Candice: "Thank you, cross." (The phone call finishes.) "Now, I've got some shopping to do. You know how buying always makes my heart go away."
(She went on her way, but some parasites (cars) wanted to get some pictures.)
Candice: "Out of my way, parasites. Daddy just opened a slew of platinum accounts on Romeo Drive, and I plan on maxing out every one." (She drives off.)
chick hick: "Hmm hmm. Her Highness seems a little upset."
[Miles Axlerod ]: "You noticed that too, huh?"
—[chick hick say i fuck you]

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